Please Vote for Trish Harrington & Brian Reichel

In light of the very positive news coming out of KBV the past two years, we think you’ll agree that it’s critical we keep this momentum going. To that end, SaveKBV is supporting two candidates this year, long time incumbent Trish Harrington and 14 year KBV Owner, Brian Reichel. We are confident that Trish and Brian will make the critical decisions that are in the best interest of our KBV Owners and, just as important, take steps to keep Wyndham and their predatory tendencies in check.

You will recall, as recently as 2016, Wyndham employees and loyalists (including Linda Kolstad, Dani Ramos and Troy Caldwell) seized control of 80% of our KBV Board yet Wyndham only owned 20% of the KBV Intervals. Just last month, Linda Kolstad was compelled to resign, presumably due to alleged ethics violations and, today, only Dani Ramos remains on our Board. We see this as real progress and we intend to remain vigilant with our ongoing efforts.

Please, let’s keep these positive trends going and vote for Trish Harrington and Brian Reichel, who are committed to acting in the best interests of our fellow KBV Owners (and, keeping Wyndham in check!).


Trish Harrington

Trish Harrington hails from Sacramento where she retired from Pacific Bell, began a computer company, then sold and retired again. Trish is passionate about Kauai Beach Villas. Trish and her husband purchased their first KBV interval in 2002. They have always used their interval at KBV making excellent friends. Trish began serving on the board over a decade ago giving her the institutional knowledge needed for the betterment of KBV. She was the driving force orchestrating the change from Wyndham to Grand Pacific Resorts almost 3 years ago. This new partnership has realized far better budget numbers. Example: rental income in excess of $800,000 net, compared to $150,000 representing the highest gross figure our past company realized. Even with higher rentals, housekeeping costs have declined and scores have gone up. New activities have been received well also.

Trish looks forward to being your voice on the board. Projects she hopes to complete in the near future: remodel, increase in activities, and an active sales program.

Write with any questions: or call 916.601.1797


Brian Reichel

For the past 28 years I’ve been an attorney in Denver, Colorado, and since 1998 I’ve owned and operated my own law firm. In that capacity, I’ve managed all aspects of a solo legal practice, including procuring clients, supervising support staff and functions, and facilitating all budgeting, billing and bookkeeping tasks. As an attorney, I strive to act ethically and with the utmost professionalism at all times while serving the best interests of those I represent. As a Board member, I would do the same.

In addition to my law degree, I hold a PhD and have a long history of teaching and coaching. I am an excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communicator with a proven track record of performing independently and as a team member. My devotion to community service has included serving on several non-profit boards, and I firmly believe that I would be an asset to the KBV IOA Board.

Thank you for your consideration.


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