Everyone can agree: Board Members should be elected to act on behalf of, and in the best interest of, its homeowners. A review of our current Board of Directors raises the question… Are our Board Members loyal, first and foremost, to the 80% of our resort owned by individuals or the 20% owned by Wyndham? You decide…

Linda Kolstad – Linda is our current Board President. An on line search of Linda reveals that her professional title is “Director of Association Governance, Wyndham Vacation Ownership”. As an employee of Wyndham, Linda was elected to our Board in 2016 (along with Troy Spalding, another Wyndham employee) primarily from Wyndham’s surprise use of their voting proxies on the day of the election. If you search the KBV Owner roster you won’t find Linda’s name because, she doesn’t own an interval at KBV. She serves on our Board as an officer representing Wyndham’s ownerships.

Danielle “Dani” Ramos – Dani was elected to our Board, again, we presume, primarily from Wyndham’s voting block. An online search of Dani reveals that her professional title is “Regional Controller, Wyndham Worldwide”. Similar to Linda, Dani does not own an interval at KBV and serves on the Board as an officer representing Wyndham’s ownerships.

Lou Colombo and Larry Warner – To be clear, Lou and Larry are independent KBV Owners and not Wyndham employees. While Larry was elected in 2017, it is interesting to note that shortly after the election, Troy Spalding (a third Wyndham employee that was on our Board at the time) chose to resign. Larry then nominated Lou to fill the vacancy and Lou was appointed to the Board by Larry and the two Wyndham employee Board members (Linda and Dani). Trish Harrington was the lone vote against appointing Lou.

Trish Harrington – Trish is a long time, independently elected KBV Board Member (no apparent Wyndham support) and past Board President. Many of you will recall, Trish was the Board President in 2016 when the Board unanimously acted to terminate Wyndham as the manager.