UPDATE: Special KBV Member Meeting

November 14, 2019 Email Please sign on for Special Meeting and Return your Proxy As we expected, in less than 24 hours we received over 400 KBV Owner names in support of calling a Special Meeting of the KBV Members to recall and replace all KBV Board Directors. While this puts us over the 5%... Continue Reading →

KBV Owners Call for Special Meeting

November 14, 2019 Email Seek to Recall and Replace all KBV Board Directors After many months of the KBV Board of Directors ignoring all Demands for Action from KBV Owners, it is abundantly clear that all Directors of our Board are either Wyndham employees, Wyndham loyalists or just simply in Wyndham’s pocket. This Board has... Continue Reading →

KBV Board continues to ignore its Members

November 1, 2019 Email Plan to Recall/Replace Entire KBV Board in the Works Recently, KBV Owner and former Board Member, Trish Harrington, forwarded a Demand for Action letter to the KBV Board, demanding that they conduct an election of the Members to decide if the current Plan Manager, Grand Pacific Resorts, should be retained as... Continue Reading →

Recent KBV Elections “a Sham”!!

June 12, 2019 Email Please read the following Important Letter from KBV Owner, Brian Reichel (Dear KBV Owners, this is an urgent communication regarding your KBV Ownership. As you know, SaveKBV supported candidates Trish Harrington and Brian Reichel in the recent election of KBV Board Members. According to Brian, who attended the May 16th election... Continue Reading →

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