Proxy to Brian Reichel

Kauai Beach Villas Interval Owners Association

Dear Kauai Beach Villas Owner,

To appoint Brian Reichel as your proxyholder, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Type in your Kauai Beach Villas (KBV) Account Number(s) below. If you own multiple KBV Intervals, please write in ALL your Account Numbers.
    (Note: You can locate your KBV Account Number(s) on your Annual Maintenance Fee Statement, within your Ownership Documents or call our Plan Manager at 888-477-6967. If you still cannot locate your KBV Account Number(s), type in a description of the Interval(s) you own, e.g., 2 Bedroom Even, 1 Bedroom Annual)
  2. Type in the names of ALL Owners where indicated below.
  3. Type in today’s date where indicated below.
  4. Click “Submit”.

To the Secretary of the Interval Owners Association. I/We, the Owners of Kauai Beach Villas Account Number(s) listed below hereby appoint Brian Reichel to be our authorized agent pursuant to Section 2.08 of the Bylaws of Kauai Beach Villas Interval Owners Association. I/we authorize this proxy to be electronically transmitted.

This proxy is valid for up to eleven (11) months and covers all meetings within that period. This proxy is revocable at any time and the presence of the member in person will be effective to suspend the proxy if said member exercises their right to vote. I/We may also revoke the proxy by submitting a written notice to the Secretary at least one day prior to the meeting.