A Message from Karen Blackford

KarenBlackfordDear Fellow KBV Owners,

I am happy to report that, over the past two years we have seen real progress at Kauai Beach Villas and it is our engaged Owners that deserve much (most!) of the credit. Since elections tend to get a bit negative, I wanted to share some positive news about the great things going on at KBV. I also want to thank all of you for your participation (because, without your votes, none of this is possible) and encourage you to take a few quick minutes to cast your ballots this year for Trish Harrington and Brian Reichel.

  • Last year, KBV Owners pledged over 1,350 Voting Proxies to me and we successfully elected Jack Goodstein to our Board of Directors. In just his first year, Jack has been engaged and a strong voice of reason on the Board.
  • In just two years under our new management company, Grand Pacific Resorts, we are seeing dramatic improvements to our Owner/Guest scores, Rental Revenues and funding to our Reserve Account.
  • Our overall “Reputation/Service” Score has improved over 113% since January 2017. Our Reputation/Service Score, as tracked by Reputation.com, is an aggregate service score by our Owners and Guests who have stayed at KBV.  The following chart clearly depicts this extensive improvement in such a short period of time:KBV_ReputationScoreTrend2019
  • Our Rental Revenues have jumped from a low of $243,157 in 2016 to $1,008,033 (after all commissions) in 2018. This is an enormous improvement. This represents a 315% improvement in Rental Revenues in just two years!
  • In light of KBV’s improving financial condition, the resort has been able to increase our Reserve Fund balance from $1,671,773 to $4,409,919 in just two years (a 164% increase). This should enable us to now plan to complete long overdue improvement projects such as comprehensive renovations to our units.
  • I would also like to add what a pleasure it is to deal with a management company that conducts the business of our Association in an open and transparent fashion (which was never the case under Wyndham). I say this because the information that I am sharing with you today, I received by simply calling the resort and requesting it from Clinton, our General Manager (we’re Owners, we’re entitled to it!). How refreshing!

As you can see, lots of good things are going on with KBV! Thanks to all of you and, let’s keep it up.

Please vote for Trish and Brian.


Karen Blackford

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