Special Meeting to Recall KBV Board Directors is a Go!!!

Nearly 800 KBV Owners sign on in Support!

Special Meeting to be held Wednesday, December 18th, 1PM at Hilton Oakland Airport, 1 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA 94621

It’s Official!

Barely 3 hours after the first email went out calling for a Special Meeting of the Kauai Beach Villas Members, for the purpose of recalling and replacing the current KBV Board of Directors, the necessary 5% of the KBV Membership replied in support. In total, we received nearly 800 Owner responses of support (Board President, Larry Warner, does that sound to you like a “small group of owners trying to force their vision of KBV on all owners”??).

Since we are all settling into “Thanksgiving mode”, this email is comprised of a few, short statements about what will be happening in the coming days leading up to the December 18th Special Meeting.

  • In the next few days, you will be receiving a Special Meeting Notice in the mail from the KBV Plan Manager. The Notice will state that the Special Meeting of the KBV Members will be held on Wednesday, December 18th, 2019, 1:00PM at the Hilton Oakland Airport, 1 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA 94621. The Notice will also include the Agenda for that Special Meeting and a blank proxy. If you have already mailed in or filed your proxy electronically, you do not need to fill in the one included with the Notice. If you have not filled in a proxy yet, PLEASE, Click here to complete and return your proxy to Brian Reichel.
  • Two days ago, KBV Board President, Larry Warner and his fellow Directors, after 6 months of relative silence, finally decided to send out a lengthy email to the KBV Owners which is, in our view, misleading and full of half truths. We can only assume that Director Warner finally decided it was time he take this KBV Owner Uprising seriously.
  • Make no mistake, this is shaping up to be a classic “Proxy Battle” and the Wyndham Loyalists get to start this fight with at least 1,200 votes (the number of intervals that Wyndham owns). But, that’s ok. We know that over 90% of the KBV Owners we have polled support removing the existing Board and not allowing Wyndham to take forever-control of our resort. We simply have to get enough proxies committed to Brian Reichel to win. Please submit your proxy to Brian Reichel now. (Click Here)

We will be back in touch with you very soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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