Important communication regarding your KBV Ownership

September 4, 2019 Email

Dear KBV Owners, this is an important communication regarding your KBV Ownership.

Two days ago, long time, outspoken KBV Owner, Jeffery Bellin submitted a cease and desist letter to the KBV Board of Directors. Please take a few minutes to review the following comments from Jeff and click the link to read his letter to the KBV Board.


Jeff-BellinDear Fellow KBV Owners,

Many of you know me over the years as the host of the KBV Yahoo Group and an outspoken Owner greatly frustrated with the behavior of our current KBV Board.

During the May 16th Board meeting, which I attended, the Board announced that it had passed a motion to not renew our current management company, Grand Pacific Resorts, management agreement. The Board passed this motion in secret and without sharing with the KBV Owners “Why?”. Most importantly, they are attempting to take this action without a vote of the KBV Owners, as is required by our CC&R’s.

I say, enough is enough!

For over two years now, we have all watched as Wyndham Destinations has engaged in highly inappropriate behavior, gerrymandering of our Board Elections, engaged in back room dealings, and, simply put, failed to act in the best interests of KBV Owners. The good news is, we the KBV Owners have excellent legal options to fight this sort of behavior and we are pursuing them.

Please take a brief moment to read my letter (click here to review) and, if you agree with my position, please click the link (Include My Name) and include your name in support.


Jeff Bellin

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