KBV Board Ignores its Owners (and our Governing Documents!)

October 11, 2019 Email

Operating in Secret, Board Appoints Wyndham as new KBV Management Company

By now, most KBV Owners have received last week’s notice from our Board stating that they have chosen to not renew the management agreement with our current management company, Grand Pacific Resorts, and, instead, have entered into agreements on behalf of our Association to re-engage Wyndham Destinations as our Resort Manager. (You can read the KBV Board’s letter to KBV Owners here).

If this misguided decision isn’t troubling enough, our Board has taken this action a) in apparent secrecy, without formal notice to, or input from, our Owners and b) in violation of Article V., section 7.a, 1.b., of our governing documents that specifically requires a majority vote of the owners to not renew our current management company’s contract.

Laughably, the notice from the Board states: “We heard from many of you and appreciate your input.” Nothing could be further from the truth as there is little, if anything, which suggests this Board has ever listened and responded to our Owners. At the same time, over 350 KBV Owners have signed on to endorse fellow Owner’s Brian Reichel’s “Demand For Action Letter” and Jeff Bellin’s “Cease and Desist Letter”.

Maddeningly, it now appears likely that we will need to pursue legal action to resolve these issues. Based on the feedback and support from hundreds of our fellow KBV Owners, this email is to inform you that legal council has been retained to force the KBV Board to follow our CC&R’s with regard to terminating our managing agent.

We have recently updated the SaveKBV.org website and in the coming days and weeks we will be reaching out to you with information and updates. While concerned KBV Owners have committed the initial dollars to retain legal council and get this process started, additional monies will likely be needed to fully pursue this matter. As a result, in the near future, we will look to establish a Go Fund Me campaign for KBV Owners wishing to support these efforts. As matters unfold, we will keep you advised.

Thank you for your support!

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