UPDATE: Special KBV Member Meeting

November 14, 2019 Email

Please sign on for Special Meeting and Return your Proxy

As we expected, in less than 24 hours we received over 400 KBV Owner names in support of calling a Special Meeting of the KBV Members to recall and replace all KBV Board Directors. While this puts us over the 5% requirement to call this Special Meeting, we are urging all KBV Members, if you haven’t already done so, to please click the link provided here, type in your name and submit your support for calling the meeting. It is our goal to submit as many names as possible to the Board Secretary (not just the minimum 5%) so there can be no “funny business” with validating our request for the Special Meeting.

Since we anticipate wrapping up the call for Special Meeting in the next day or two, our focus will now be shifting to pushing for all KBV Owners to complete and return their Brian Reichel proxy. We received a number of questions about the proxy and have made a couple updates to the document that we think will make completing the proxy easier.

Answers to your questions about the Brian Reichel Proxy

• Where do I find my Account Number(s)?

You can find your Account Number(s) on either your annual Maintenance Fee Statement or within your ownership documents. If you still aren’t sure, please contact your Owner Services department at 888-477-6967.

• Do All Owners need to sign the proxy? Do I have to mail my proxy in?

Yes and yes. It is clearly stated within KBV’s governing documents that for your proxy to be valid, you must print out the document and have ALL Owners sign it and then, it must be submitted by US Mail. The mailing instructions are on the proxy form.

You can print out and complete your Brian Reichel Proxy here.

We will be replying to your Questions

As you can imagine, we have received numerous questions (over 100!) about this Special Member Meeting. Please be patient as we will be doing our best to respond to you soon.

Please, don’t delay, sign-on and submit your support for the Special Member Meeting and complete and mail your Brian Reichel Proxy.



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