KBV Owners Call for Special Meeting

November 14, 2019 Email

Seek to Recall and Replace all KBV Board Directors

After many months of the KBV Board of Directors ignoring all Demands for Action from KBV Owners, it is abundantly clear that all Directors of our Board are either Wyndham employees, Wyndham loyalists or just simply in Wyndham’s pocket. This Board has ignored all requests to retain our current management company (in spite of overwhelming support for them) and, instead, have secretly entered into numerous agreements with Wyndham to have them take over management and, in the very near future, complete control of our resort. The time has come to fight back.

Fortunately, our KBV Governing Documents (Section 2.02 of the Bylaws) allow for the Members (we, the individual KBV Owners) to call Special Meetings, with just a 5% approval to do so, for the purpose of addressing agenda items of our choosing. Further, our Governing Documents allow for the removal of any (or all) Board Directors by a simple majority vote (Article III, sec. 3.12 of the Bylaws).

Please note that there are two links included in this email:

The first link, “Call for Special Meeting” will take you to a single page document on the SaveKBV web site that is a “Written Request for Special Meeting”. Please go to this page, review it, type in your name at the bottom and click “Submit”.

The second link, “Pledge my Proxy to Brian Reichel” is to commit your voting rights at this Special Meeting to fellow KBV Owner, Brian Reichel. Brian is an attorney by background and has spent numerous hours pursuing our rogue board. Brian has agreed to attend the Special Meeting and cast all proxies committed to him to both remove and replace the current Directors. Please go to this page and follow the simple instructions for completing and returning your proxy.

PLEASE, ACT NOW! The Special Meeting date is just one month away and we must have as many proxies as possible to defeat Wyndham (who already has over 1,100 votes!) in this recall effort. In the days and weeks ahead, we will do our best to keep you informed and answer as many questions as we can.

Thank-you for your support,


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