Over 300 KBV Owners join Demand for Action Letter

July 8, 2019 Email

Letter Delivered to KBV Board; Board Denies any Wrongdoing

In our last communication, KBV Owner, Brian Reichel provided his personal views of the recently conducted KBV Board Elections and his conclusion that the proceedings were “a Sham!” You’ll recall that Brian, a career attorney, drafted a Demand for Action letter and appealed to have at least 50 KBV Owners sign on in support of the letter prior to its submittal to the Board. In a matter of days, Brian received over 300 KBV Owner signatures (with more coming in daily) and, on June 13th, his eight page Demand for Action letter was delivered to the KBV Board of Directors.

As a reminder, Brian’s letter demands various actions be taken by the Board including that the Board bring itself into compliance with the Association’s Governing Documents and local law, that the Board declare the recent elections invalid, that the Board withdrawn any resolution to replace the current management company and that independent legal council be hired to investigate questionable, potentially criminal, behavior by both the Board and Wyndham and report the findings to all KBV Owners.

Several days after the delivery of Brian’s letter, the KBV Board responded to Brian by denying any wrongdoing and providing no comment on any of Brian’s demands.

Brian has communicated to SaveKBV.org that he is now moving forward with interviewing potential Hawaiian class action law firms to represent KBV Owners in a derivative lawsuit to be brought on behalf of the Association.

Needless to say, we will continue to follow this matter closely and report back to you as details further unfold.

Stay tuned!

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